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CHINA2Book II: The Cascade Preppers 

Paperback: 252 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 8, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1500157244

Kindle: ASIN: B00KV27ZZA

The life of Graham and his newfound family (from The China Pandemic) continues. But life is anything but ordinary and mundane.

It is now winter in Graham’s camp, bringing bitter cold and snowy conditions. Without daily weather reports, snow falls unexpectedly. New skills have been acquired – such as ice fishing and tanning hides – along with new neighbors.

The Cascade Preppers just across the Skagit River escaped the onslaught of the pandemic by reaching their encampment before being exposed to the virus.

They are cautious neighbors. Just because they escaped the pandemic does not mean they are immune to it. Survivors of the pandemic are carriers of the virus.

Which means face-to-face contact with any of Graham’s camp is off-limits.

This does not preclude communication between the two camps. On the contrary, all are congenial when contact is restricted across the river or via radio.

When pandemonium breaks out with missing members of Graham’s camp – including Graham himself – as well as a fire at the Prepper camp, they realize they may need each other for survival.

Again, Shaw doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to the nasty side of survival in a world where even an old lady has gone mad. The kids in Graham’s camp are growing up more quickly than usual because they have to for their own survival.

Even the possibility of a pregnancy is a threat. Will the baby carry the virus? Will it survive full term? Would it reach adulthood? Should any pregnancy after the pandemic be aborted?

These questions were not issues before the pandemic but now must be posed in order to consider the survival of everyone.

It is especially gripping when everything begins happening at once: Disappearances, fires, potential threat of the virus entering the Prepper camp and a new arrival make for page-turning excitement.

The story itself could be a primer for survival: things necessary to stock up on, skills lost in this technological society that may come in handy should disaster strike, how to hunt wild game, all skills that may one day be re-established to ensure survival of man (and woman) kind.

Invest in this series. You may learn something that will one day keep you alive.

Another good read by A.R. Shaw.

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Or purchase The Cascade Preppers here

Pen has self-published 20 titles in print and e-book formats. Her latest endeavor, Nero’s Fiddle, is a fictitious account of an EMP attack on the United States with women heroes. Visit Nero’s Fiddle website follow her on Twitter @penspen or visit her website at www.penspen.info 


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Rough Winter

Rough Winter

You think YOU had a rough winter! Photo is in public domain.

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Good kitty, good kitty.

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By Pen

red holly berries
in the middle of winter
flames amidst snowfall


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By Pen

sky turns gray and bleak
branches sway in cold repose
winter lullaby


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By Pen


Part I

In the Alley


dark-eyed cat’s cry

drifts through my window

from the alley below

carried up upon a cold winter breeze

that holds the promise of snow;

goosebumps skitter across my flesh

more from the sound

of the dark-eyed cat’s cry

than from the cold.


because I empathize

with the dark-eyed cat –

the cold I can hide from,

but the cry gets under my skin

brings the hair on my arms,

the back of my neck,

to rapt attention.

no, the cold I can stave off

by blanket or fire’s warmth

but from the dark-eyed cat’s cry

there is no escape,

as it echoes within the alley,

between my walls,

in the depth of my own throat.


until, with a final wail and echo

she moves on.


Part II

In the Moonlight


she stretches in her sleep,

pure golden silk fur

ablaze by the moon’s hollow light;

unworried, unhurried

within the sanctity and safety

of the moon’s mercurial gaze

she sleeps and dreams;

even in that state of undisturbed serenity

the dark-eyed cat’s cry

comes to me, drifts to me

on silver-tinted moondust,

stirs me from my own slumber,

heavy heart filled with empathy

for whatever haunted dreams

follow her into the tranquility

offered by her otherwise peaceful repose.


I cannot resist,

I cannot hold back

as my hand insists

upon touching the peaceful form

in an effort to still

the demons hiding within her shadows;

softly stroking golden strands

with the faint hope of

comforting the dark-eyed cat’s cry.


Part III

In My Arms


curled within the refuge of my arms

the purring of the dark-eyed cat

echoes the rhythm of my heart

beating against her softness;

I am enchanted by her playfulness,

her willingness

to respond to my overtures

of affection and to reciprocate

them in kind


until the dark-eyed cat

tires of our play –

as she would tire

of playing a mouse –

and she escapes my arms

proving I cannot hold her

for any longer than she desires.


the dark-eyed cat’s cry

lingers and reverberates

against everywhere she’s been

and all she has touched …


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